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The built-in Unreal Engine bookmarking system can feel rather... limited. 10 numbered bookmarks you have to dig for through 3 layers of menus, because the shortcut keys don't always seem to work? Not practical.

Enter CamUEr, a replacement system that lets you bookmark as many viewport camera locations as you want, and rename them so you can easily know which is which. Don't need one any more? Just delete it from the list.

Don't want to go click on a name and know your first 12 bookmarks by heart? You can now access them instantly with shortcut keys (only implemented for Windows).

Bookmarks are saved per project and per map, so the next time you open a map, they'll be right there, waiting for you.

Want to document your development process, take screenshots of breathtaking vistas, bugs or anything else you bookmarked? Just click a button and it'll be saved in both lit and unlit flavours.

All my Unreal Engine 4 plugins are in maintenance mode. That means I'll update to new engine versions when I have time, but don't expect any new features to be added.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this Unreal Engine plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CamUEr Installation.pdf 331 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.12.5 269 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.13 264 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.14 267 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.15 229 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.16 239 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.17 225 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.18 225 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.19 227 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.20 222 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.21 226 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.22 209 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.23 220 kB
CamUEr 1.1 for 4.24 222 kB
CamUEr 1.1 source 39 kB

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