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ImageResizUEr resizes textures (up- or down-sampling) to match or approach a requested target size inside Unreal Engine without requiring you to export, run a secondary tool, then re-import them. Can either replace textures, or write them to a /resized_images/ directory, and can ignore textures that contain any of an editable list of word segments.

Includes full source, which should compile fine on osx and linux too.

Uses public domain stb_image_resize by Jorge L. "VinoBS" Rodriguez


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ImageResizUEr for 4.12 332 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.13 292 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.14 303 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.15 270 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.16 279 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.17 264 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.18 265 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.19 278 kB
ImageResizUEr for 4.20 254 kB
ImageResizUEr source 119 kB

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