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Unreal Engine 4 includes OnlineSubsystemSteam to access some of Steam's functionality. Unfortunately, given the fact that it's built to be multi-platform, there are some basic things missing from it.

SteamUEr is a plugin that tries to fill in those gaps.

Currently supports:

  • Set stat
  • Get stat
  • Get global stats
  • Get number of achievements
  • Get numbered achievement identifier
  • Get achievement name/description/hidden
  • Get achievement icon
  • Set achievement
  • Get achievement status
  • Clear achievement
  • Reset all stats (and optionally achievements)
  • Init or create multiple leaderboards
  • Close leaderboards
  • Upload score to a leaderboard
  • Is leaderboard data ready?
  • Request leaderboard with global, global around user, friends list stats
  • Request leaderboard player avatars
  • Request player data for leaderboard
  • Request leaderboard data for players from another leaderboard
  • Get player avatar
  • Get current player count
  • Is Steam running?

Further functionality will be added as needed, feasible or requested.

All my Unreal Engine 4 plugins are in maintenance mode. That means I'll update to new engine versions when I have time, but don't expect any new features to be added.

should compile under windows, osx and possibly linux for all versions, but only tested under windows


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SteamUEr v1.0 binary for 4.13 106 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.13 176 kB
SteamUEr v1.0 binary for 4.14 106 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.14 176 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.15 173 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.16 170 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.17 169 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 binary for 4.18 138 kB
SteamUEr for 4.19 134 kB
SteamUEr for 4.20 132 kB
SteamUEr for 4.21 134 kB
SteamUEr for 4.23 135 kB
SteamUEr v1.3 source (updated) 30 kB