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Combine the best of both worlds when working on your 3D game!
The ease of BSP level construction with tried and tested tools can now be married to the power, speed and high performance of the Unreal Engine.

HammUEr (currently Windows only) is a plugin that lets you build your levels with Valve's Hammer map editor (VMF), Doom3's DoomEdit (MAP/PROC) or an idTech2-3(Quake 1-3 and assorted other games that use the engine with varying levels of success and no guarantee of perfect imports)-based tool like GTKRadiant, JackHammer or Trenchbroom (MAP). With just a few simple clicks, you can have them imported into your Unreal Engine project as a collection of meshes placed in your scene the way you want, where you want. Want to change something? Make your edits in your favourite tool, then save, re-import, and you're done.

During the importing process you can assign materials already in your project to the original material names, or if you have the source images - (TGA/BMP/PNG/JPG)/VTF&VMT/SHADER(Q3)/MTR(D3)/WAD(Quake1 & Halflife)/WAL(Quake 2) - you can import them into UE as material instances based on a template material of your choice, and let HammUEr automatically find and assign the right ones. Don't want certain materials to show? Mark them no-draw and HammUEr will automatically not build sides for them!

Want to start building a level in Hammer with your UE materials for true WYSIWYG level editing? HammUEr can do that by exporting your UE material textures to VMT/VTF combos for easy use in Hammer with one click.

Have Source models you created for your maps? HammUEr can bring them into Unreal Engine for you and places them where they belong.

Use overlays and decals? HammUEr will also import those for you.

I'm not even close to done adding features, so stay tuned.

Why "alpha"?

While most of the functionality is robust and well implemented, there's a few things that are still freshly implemented and, while they seem to work fine with my battery of sample maps, could use more testing (Q3 and Doom3 support in the latest builds).

(Screenshots from Half life 2, Quake, Doom3 and Portal Stories: MEL map imports are only supplied as an example of what the tool can do with your own maps. The plugin is not meant to be used to import maps from other games or help infringe any copyrights.)

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
AuthorNT Entertainment
Tags3D, hammer, plugin, quake, unreal-engine
LicenseAll rights reserved


Buy Now$42.00 USD or more

In order to download this Unreal Engine plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $42.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HammUEr 1.5 alpha for 4.12.5 3 MB
HammUEr 1.6 preview for 4.12 3 MB
HammUEr 1.6 preview for source 3 MB
HammUEr 1.6 preview for 4.11 (D3 ASE & LWO) 3 MB
HammUEr 1.6 preview for 4.12 (D3 ASE & LWO) 3 MB
HammUEr 1.6 preview for 4.13 (D3 ASE & LWO) 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7 alpha for 4.13 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7 alpha for 4.14 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7 alpha 2 for 4.13 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7 alpha 2 for 4.14 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7.1 for 4.15 3 MB
HammUEr 1.7 alpha for source builds 3 MB
sample materials 192 kB
HammUEr 1.7 func_ origin test 4.15 3 MB

Download demo

HammUEr manual (1 MB)
HammUEr quick-start guide (1 MB)


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every map i import turns black and wont light? does hammuer not generate uvs?

It does, and if there are lights in your imported map (or if you add ones in your Unreal map, like the default map's sky sphere), it should automatically show you at least preview lighting for your map. (Example)

Hello, just wondering if this plugin would allow me to import old Enemy Territory maps to UE4?

Sort of.

If you still have your original map file, it *should* be able to import most(?) of it correctly.

The ones I've seen based on decompiled bsp files (which has been all the test stuff people have sent me) all had broken texture scaling, tho.

Does it convert the Source 2 .vmap format?

Sorry, there is no Source 2 support at the moment, nor is it planned, since Source 2 is a brand new engine which works in a totally different way from the older engines HammUEr supports.